Researcher Profiles on Grant Forward

A profile on Grant Forward consists of a person's research interests and personal information such as title and department. 

Research interests are inferred by Grant Forward from multiple sources such as publication page, CV, Bibliography  etc. Research Interests can also be individually added to the profile manually. 

When a researcher's profile is created, the funding opportunities that match his/her research interests are automatically identified and displayed in the Recommendations section. These opportunities can be filtered using the search options available in Grant Forward.

You can showcase your research interests by embedding the tag cloud on your website as well. 

The researcher profile feature is a Beta feature and we will be reaching out to hear your thoughts about it. The feature (which recommends funding opportunities based on researcher profiles) will be available through June for free after which it will be an opt-in feature with a cost separate from the base cost of Grant Forward. The base cost of Grant Forward with pre-award funding opportunity search, admin console and profile creation with research interest visualization will remain the same.

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